Since the middle of November 2020, thousands of Eritrean refugees are caught in the crossfire of the Tigray conflict. They faced with violence, intimidation, and harassment; as a result, they are killed, raped, looted, abducted, and thousands disappeared, and their whereabouts are not known 

Hence, this is a genuine appeal for public collaboration on the compilation of information about missing Eritrean refugees in Tigray. The information collected would be used to identify the missing persons and report to relevant international Organizations.
The information collected would be employed on carrying out an independent investigation into alleged mass atrocities against the refugees. Furthermore, the information would be valuable in holding the perpetrators of human rights violations and crimes against the refugee be accountable and brought before justice.
Data collection regarding Eritrean refugees in Tigray is still challenging as the conflict is ongoing. Therefore ‘Mahber Surbana’ and other humanitarian Organizations request families, relatives, and friends of refugees to provide information about the missing refugees.
The objective of this notice, is to collect information to be utilized by the relevant international and local humanitarian organization for legal documentation purposes. The data collected and the identity of informants would be maintained confidential and will not be used for social media consumption.
The information in the message may include the following information 
1. Full Name
2. Age, Nationality & Ethnicity
3.Previous Refugee Camp Name
4. Date and place of the last sighting
5. Last used Telephone number before missing 
6. Photo of missing person
7. Any distinguishing features noticed like tattoos or scars
8. Last sighting hostel, hotel, guest house, or house.
9. Last used vehicle plate number
10. Reporting person, full name, address & Telephone number
If there is additional information and photos regarding people who were with the missing person or any information you think is relevant, you are advised to include the information with the message.
You can contact the following people for more information & clarification 

Facebook / George Ghebreslassie (Surbana Vision Media and Community Services, Inc)
Facebook /Mulueberhan Temelso (Foundation Human Rights for Eritreans)

Any Donations will appreciated